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hether you are searching for one custom created rug or covet to carpet your whole home, we offer an impeccable bespoke rug design service with a clear focus on unique and personal client contact.

Our bespoke rug design assistance allows our clients to form something really unique to their place. We pride ourselves on our consumer service and ensuring our client receives the spirit of service that matches the product. We pride ourselves on our dedicated regard to detail and going above and beyond to ensure the finished outcome is the ultimate in design, beauty and indulgence.

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Limitless Rugs London

Who We Are


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Our Work

With an abundance of expertise and awareness within the industry, we propose to our clients a complete service with our expert team at your side you throughout the development of the first design to the onsite fittings and extensive aftercare support.

Our Work

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We recognise that many of our clients highly value their anonymity and will handle each aspect with absolute discretion. The secret to our steady growth has been excellent individual customer service.

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Our design skill and merchandise quality are acknowledged as high. We also have some somewhat smart technological people on our team we chose to combine our passion for rugs with our love for the modern expert technology this makes for a more gratifying shopping experience.

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